FUCHS Lubricants MAINTAIN range of engine coolants is based on monoethylene glycol, which is free from nitrite, amine and phosphate and offers tested reliability. It meets all functions and requirements of today’s ideal antifreeze product:

- Frost protection – reliable protection against coolant - freezing, even at extremely low temperatures.
- Protection against the formation of deposits, keeping the coolant circuit fully functional over the long term.
- Protection against overheating, which, if deposits are present can interfere with heat dissipation.
- Protection against ageing and oxidation, offering full protection over the entire duration of the service interval.
- Corrosion protection, ensuring that all metallic coolant-circuit materials such as cast iron, cast aluminium, steel and brass are not corroded.

Without a coolant additive, water and high temperatures in the coolant circuit will create corrosion. This damages the metallic components and can cause the coolant pump or the entire coolant circuit to fail, leading to engine over-heating and failure.

MAINTAIN range of antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors are deposited on the metal surfaces within a vehicle’s cooling circuit and forms a gossamer-thin, but robust and effective protective film which further combats corrosion.

Find a MAINTAIN range of coolant additives, brake fluids, screenwash and fuel additives. 

Published : 20-Mar-2021

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