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Premium Performance Coolant Additive based on monoethylene glycol. Free from nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicates. Product dyeing: ORANGE.


MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL is a long term antifreeze coolant concentrate based on mono ethylene glycol for heavy duty application as well as passenger cars and stationary combustion engines. MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL is free of nitrites, amines, silicates and phosphates and is formulated using the highly efficient OAT (Organic Acid Technology). MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL prevents highly loaded engines fitted to passenger cars and commercial vehicles from frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation. MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL provides protection to the entire cooling system and prevents corrosion on all metals commonly found in engine cooling systems, especially aluminium.

Also available as a 50:50 mix.


MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL is a coolant concentrate and must be diluted with water before application. Best concentration for application is 50 vol%, minimum is 35 vol%. For best results use demineralised water.

Advantages / Benefits

  • Universal usability (passenger cars, truck and stationary engines)
  • Perfect for engines, cylinder heads and radiators made from aluminium
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Protection from deposits, cavitation and corrosion
  • Contains bittering agent

Attention: This product is recommended for use in combustion engines only.

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