ECOCOOL 600 NBF (K) (Pail/Drum)
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ECOCOOL 600 NBF K Water miscible semi-synthetic coolant for general machining of ferrous metal and ferrous alloys.

Product Description :-

ECOCOOL 600 NBF K is a low mineral oil containing water miscible semi-synthetic type cutting fluid, specially designed for multi-purpose machining applications on cast iron, carbon steel and ferrous alloys. It forms a long life, stable, finely dispersed clear translucent emulsion, when mixed with water. ECOCOOL 600 NBF K is free of nitrites, chlorine and phenols.

Application :-

ECOCOOL 600 NBF K recommended for drilling, milling, boring, tapping, reaming, turning and grinding operations.
Suitable for cast iron, carbon steel and ferrous alloys.
Recommended concentration:
Grinding : 3-4%
Normal operation :4-7%
Difficult operation : 7-12%

Advantages :- 

* Low foaming even in soft water
* Outstanding anti-corrosion property
* Rejects tramp oil which helps easy skimming off from the coolant surface
* Excellent lubricity and flushing property
* Enhances tool life
* Excellent hard water stability up to 1000 ppm CaCO3 / Litre

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